Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mafigeni Safari Lodge, S. Africa

This is the beautiful Mafigeni Lodge in the bush of South Africa where 13 friends and I stayed on an African photo safari last summer. I painted this painting as a gift for Jill and Claude Kleynhans from a photo I shot at sunrise one morning when the early warm light made the lodge glow. It is even more incredible inside!
Jill and Claude our hosts, and their staff made us feel at home here and their expert guides filled our days with experiences we will never forget. The lodge is not far from Kruger National Park where we spent 3 full days taking the most incredible photographs of the animals in the wild. We also visited several animal rescue places including EFAF Elephants for Africa Forever and a Cheetah rescue place. It was fascinating to learn about these animals and be so close to them, even touching and riding the elephants. At Moholoholo we sat a long time by a pool and watched a number of Rhinos interacting while hippos poked their noses out of the water, every now and then and crocks slid into the water. We also visited a tribal village for dinner and an amazing dance performance, and speaking of dinner the food at Mafigeni was top notch! This was truly an adventure of a life time for all of us.
I have begun painting from my photos now and will begin posting my work as I go.
If you would like more information about Mafigeni Safaris, their website is Jill and Claude are traveling around the United States until March doing outdoor sports shows so you may even be able to arrange to meet them. I had a great time visiting with them here in Sacramento last Sunday.

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