Saturday, May 1, 2010

How do you solve this sticky problem?


My friend and fellow Watercolor Instructor  Jeannie Vodden asked me if I knew how to remove masking fluid that had been on a painting so long it was stuck for good.  The only thing I could think of was to try to pick it off with a sharp blade like a razor blade or Exacto knife.  She said she was thinking the same thing, but it really does not work very well.  So I am throwing the question out there and hope someone will have the answer and write a comment below.

By the way, Masking Fluid becomes “one with the paper” when it is

A   left on too long,  a few weeks is OK a few months or years is not

B   heated up, so don’t leave in the car on a sweltering summer day or blast it with a hair dryer too close to the paper.

If you have the answer you will truly be a watercolor hero!


Nancy Goldman said...

I had that happen to one of my paintings years ago and almost cried because I had already spent so much time on it. With determination I kept rubbing at it with the resist remover ( that square thing you buy to take it off) and finally got it to come off. It took me a VERY long time though. Also, I think the paper was a little discolored underneath but I didn't care. Good luck.

Sandy Delehanty said...

Thanks Nancy, I will let Jeannie's student know, she is the one with the problem not my painting, thank goodness. Hope others will chime in here with some ideas, maybe we will all learn something. Sandy