Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Painting "Gondolier Dudes"

Gondalier Dudes

"Gondolier Dudes" is a 12" x 18" watercolor on paper hanging in the new show titled "GO FIGURE" that just opened today at Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento .  It is priced at $650. framed.  This is an invitational group show and the variety of styles and subject matter that the artists have contributed is  just amazing. 

I contributed 3 watercolors all created from my travel photos.  When I travel my digital camera is always around my neck and I have been known to take over two thousand photos on a single overseas trip.   Hey, its digital, no film expenses, so shoot, shoot, shoot.  I like to download my photos into my Notebook each evening and edit them in Photoshop while they are fresh in  my mind.  I love capturing the local people going about their daily routines, although I must admit I seldom paint from those photos as I am primarily a flower painter.  The "GO FIGURE"  show was an opportunity to go through my photos and paint from some of my favorites.

"Gondolier Dudes" was created from two photos of the dozens of pictures I took of the gondoliers in Venice.   The expression on the face of the guy to the far left  with the "dude" sunglasses cracked me up.   Maybe he thought the guy adjusting his hat was upstaging him.  But just those two did not seem to be enough to tell the story, so I addled three more gondoliers placing them so they were also watching the dude adjust his hat.  

If you have been to Venice, you have probably seen a scene very similar to this.  

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