Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sandy's Semi-Regular Art Stuff Newsletter

For a couple of years now I have been writing Sandy's Semi-Regular Art Stuff Newsletter nearly every month and sending them to my e-mail list of artists.  Of course it is a vehicle for advertising my classes and workshops, but I try to make it valuable to my readers by including Painting Tips, Art Business Tips, Travel Tips, Calls to Artists, Shows to see etc. 

I am working on the February Newsletter and it contains the following articles:  PAINTING TIP an article by a guest artist from Canada, BUSINESS TIP an article on making your computer do the work of recording your art business tax deductions, and TRAVEL TIP an article on making your computer do the work of finding the cheapest airline flight for you, CALLS TO ARTIST and SHOW TIME.

Writing a newsletter that is of value to other artists is not as easy as it sounds.  Sometimes I stare at the blank computer screen and no light bulbs in my brain come on.  So if you have suggestions for articles in future newsletters, questions you would like me to try to answer, or any other comments I would appreciate hearing from you.   

If you would like to receive my newsletters but have not been getting them type the following email address into your contact list and send an email to me using that address requesting the newsletter.   Sandy_Delehanty_Artist@mail.vresp.com.  (Be sure to use the underline key between the first three words.)  If you do it prior to February 3 (tomorrow), you should receive my February Newsletter.   If you don't get it done until after that date and would like to receive the February newsletter, email me and I will send it out again to you.

If you are getting the Newsletter and do not wish to receive it ever again, you can go to the end of the newsletter and click on "unsubscribe" and it will no longer be sent to your email address.

May your next painting be a Masterpiece,
Sandy Delehanty

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Even though I don't often comment, I enjoy your newsletter, and especially the Call for Enries part. It's nice to imagine I'll actually enter something someday!