Tuesday, February 9, 2010

After Critique


First a photography explainer -  The last photo was shot in daylight, this one was taken tonight under my studio lights so it looks more yellow.  The color is more accurate in the previous photo.

The River City 8 Critique Group was helpful as always, as were some of you out there in the blogisphere.  Thanks everyone!

So, no one seemed to be bothered by the red sash being the only red accept me as the group said, "that is what tells the story that the big guy is a distinguished teacher".  And this is a story painting;, its about the group of chefs standing around waiting for the school to open so they can learn from the big man.  By the way I still have no title.....any ideas?

As the Critique group suggested I darkened the cast shadows below them and the wall behind them so as to pop the figures more.  Also darkened the shading on the 3 on the far left a bit as they seemed a bit week as compared to the others.  I also put a blue glaze on the one shutter so they match better.  No one seemed to find fault with my drawing, even the hands seemed to be OK, hands always drive me nuts!  Several of you and the group told me to some how disengage the pants on the teacher and student assistant from each other.  I lightened the ones on the assistant in the front and now they read as separate from the teacher's. 

So that will have to do.  I have been painting all day on the other piece for the figure show and it is not done yet.  I want to get them both to Cali-Color tomorrow to be photographed.  My pictures are too lame to give to the gallery for their website and Cali-Color does a great job at a very reasonable price.

Hope to see you all on this Saturday night for the Second Saturday Artist Reception at Elliott Fouts Gallery in Sacramento where my good buddy David Lobenberg is one of two featured artists in the main exhibit hall.  I will be in my studio in the rear of the gallery, so stop by and say hello.  David and I will be happy to see you.

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