Saturday, June 4, 2011

wifi gremlins have caused blog to be interrupted

Hi everyone,

I am fine, but the blog is not.

Several people have emailed me worried because I stopped blogging because that is how they keep up with me when I travel. I am fine, just attacked by dreaded wifi gremlins.

I got so busy teaching and having fun with my students on the French Escapade I ran out of time to update the blog with all the cool photos I took of the rest of our trip. So I thought I would just upload them all from my computer when I got to Collioure the French coast town where I am vacationing with my friend Sylvia. We have an apartment here for a week so plenty of time to update the blog.

Here in Collioure there seems to be only one public wifi connection, in a cafe if you buy something. However the owner of the cafe has not kept up his security certificate so google (who operates blogspot where this blog is located) won't let me upload anything to my blog. So the blog is dead in the water until I find a better wifi spot, probably after I get home June 10. I am writing this in an internet place but can't use my own computer here which has the photos I want to upload.

The French Escapade was wonderful. This seaside town is so cute and full of good artists I love it and plan to rent the apartment again in the future. Sylvia and I are off on Monday to see Barcelona then fly home on the tenth.

more after June 10.....

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