Saturday, March 7, 2009

Creating Watercolor Memories of Santorini

Patrick sent me this postcard from Santorini when he was there planning his 2009 workshops.
What a fabulous location for a Watercolor Workshop!
My workshop "Creating Watercolor Memories of Santorini" is coming up soon, September 26 - October 3. There is space available at the moment and if you move fast you can join us.
ToscanaAmericana Workshops are all inclusive, lodging, meals, workshop instruction, etc, making the price of $2,749. per person double occupancy or $2,849.00 single occupancy a great bargain. Combine that with frequent flyer miles, or bargain hunt on the air fare comparison website and find a discounted flight and you are set for a dream come true painting trip. All the details can be found on the ToscanaAmericana website, here is the link
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rob ijbema said...

wow greece looks great,
amzing to see you are all over the place,even belgium,hehe
mind you,no wonder with your wonderful work...your flowers are something else...i'll be back!

Terry Banderas said...

Hi Sandy--

Not many people know where Penryn is but I do. I travel through Penryn as I travel to Auburn to work on my mom's properties from Lincoln via English Colony Road. I have been enjoying painting since retiring six years ago. Born and raised in Auburn.