Monday, February 23, 2009

Santa Fe Trip

Santa Fe El Rey Inn 2

This has been such a busy week that I just now have time to write a post on my blog while I sit at the airport departure lounge.  But I can't get on line here, so I will have to post this to my blog when I get home.


This photo is of the main lobby building of the El Rey Inn , the very cute motel, circa 1930, where I stayed.  It has been lovingly restored by the family that has owned it for many many years.  I certainly hope they weather this economic downturn as they provide a wonderful cozy home for all who stay here.  And talk about quite, the hotel is on the major street into Santa Fe, but the old adobe walls are so thick you can't here the street traffic or the neighbors.


Nancy Reyner is one of the best art instructors I have ever studied with and I highly recommend her workshops if you wish to learn to use acrylics, or want to take your acrylic painting skills into painting abstracts.  She knows exactly when to nurture and exactly when to give a push to each student.  And her critiques are top notch.


The Santa Fe Art Institute is in a wonderful modern facility on the campus of the private College of Santa Fe, which declared bankruptcy Thursday.  At least we got to finish our workshop on Friday.  I hope they can work things out as I would love to return to teach or take a workshop there in the future.


There are 250 galleries in Santa Fe, and although they have obviously hit a down turn in business, I still heard, French, Arabic, Italian, and of course Spanish spoken among the visitors to the galleries.  People come from all over the world to this art town, amazing when you realize the population is only 70,000.  I must have visited over 50 galleries in the day and a half I had to scope out the galleries.  I found a fantastic variety of art, every taste can find something they like here.  And unlike some galleries I have visited in larger cities, the people working in the galleries were very friendly, quick to answer questions, recommend their favorite restaurants, give directions, and in general make their visitors feel  very welcome.  And that was true of all the locals I met, they are clearly proud of their community and happy to share it with their guests.  Smart , since it is the visitors to this city that account for the living earned by a huge percentage of the population.


Anyway, time to board my flight for home, I'll post this when I get back to my desk.    

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