Monday, July 28, 2008

Cheetah Chic

Last Wednesday on the Capitol Public Radio show "Insight" I was asked by the host Jeffry Callison to describe this painting for the radio audience. My answer was that I started with a photo I took of a Cheetah in South Africa last summer and then took a left turn into my memory, and that is exactly what I did. The graphics represent the wonderful designs I saw in African fabrics, rugs, even painted on the outside of houses! The smokey red orange background with dots is suppose to represent smoke and embers from the bush fires we witnessed several days as we explored the bush photographing animals. Wildfire is a big threat here in California so it was hard for me to be as casual as the locals were about the bush fires.
This watercolor will be exhibited from August 8 to September 9 at The Barton Gallery in Sacramento in a show that is a benefit for the Patrician Primary School of Kabongo, Kenya.
If you missed the interview on Insight you can hear it on the archives of the Insight show (July 23, the third segment of the hour) at Brother Paul Brennan, the founder of the Patrician Primary School of Kabongo was a fascinating guest on the show and did a good job of spelling out exactly what happened in the recent violence in Kenya and why the children in this school need our help. We hope our art exhibit of paintings of Africa raises awareness and money for these very poor children to attend school.

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